Solving leadership Challenges for Government Agencies, Nonprofits and Cause-Related Groups

Anne Gemmell is a Philadelphia-based consultant, trainer and workshop leader. She delivers innovative, immensely practical solutions to today’s complex leadership challenges

From Herding Cats To Collaborative Problem-Solving… Without Sacrificing Deadlines, Budget, or Values

As a leader, you need to accomplish a mission.
You might be setting up a task force, building a program that can change the lives of thousands, or creating a “future” strategy to guide your actions for the next several years.

Traditional top-down leadership won’t bring results.

You need to…

…get buy-in from half a dozen diverse stakeholders (and frankly some of them would rather not even be in the same room)

…aim at a moving target in a dynamic environment

…create a sense of urgency for time-sensitive results

Today’s leaders can’t be lone rangers.

Success depends on adding broad-based experts to the leadership team and adding specialized, state-of-the-art technical experts. You’re constantly developing management skills and adapting proven methods and techniques (because conditions are changing and there’s no time to reinvent the wheel).

The Future of Leadership is Collaborative.
Manage Transformative Results.

About Anne

I’m Anne Gemmell. For over a decade, I’ve worked with leaders of government, nonprofits, associations and corporate enterprises to accomplish highly visible, critical, time-sensitive goals.

My clients build and implement sensitive, high-stakes projects. They need a sounding board to test new-to-the-world ideas. They need results delivered with buy-in from a set of diverse stakeholders.

I make the process smoother and simpler. I guide leaders through all stages of the project, from the first inkling of an idea, to complex action steps with a lot of moving parts, to delivery and course correction.

Mission Accomplished!

3 Ways I Help You Realize Your Vision

One-to-one executive coaching

For leaders who want to identify desires, brainstorm alternative strategies, explore new roles and clarify vision.

Workshops & Training

For leaders, working groups and teams. Safe environment to learn new skills, gain insights, exchange ideas and build relationships.

Consultation for “Reach the Finish Line” Implementation

Ongoing support for weeks or months to set goals, evaluate milestones, course-correct for chane and stay on track to meet your eadlline.


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