My services fall into three categories:

  • One-on-one executive coaching
  • Workshops and training
  • Implementation support and consulting

Often a client will use all three of these services. We might start with executive coaching to clarify the leader’s objectives and role. We then hold a workshop to get all the key managers or participants on board. Finally, I continue providing guidance as the project goes through the stages and milestones.

Alternatively, we might begin with a workshop. The leader will then request one-on-one coaching to deal with the challenges that arise from the workshop discussion.


For leaders who want to identify desires, brainstorm alternative strategies, explore new roles and clarify a vision.

Coaching provides an opportunity to think out loud, get feedback and get structured support for any stage of a project. We meet in person or via a Zoom call for 90 uninterrupted minutes. The structure is completely flexible. You can purchase packages of one, three or six sessions.


For leaders, working groups, and teams. A safe environment to learn new skills, gain insights, exchange ideas and build relationships.

Leaders often find it helpful to meet as a group as the project begins. We can structure the workshop as an educational program to introduce concepts that may be new to the group. We can incorporate role-play and other exercises, with consideration for individual privacy and communication styles.

We can also hold workshops at the end of a project, to kick off the action phase. We assign roles and get buy-in from group members.

At times leaders find it useful to hold workshops for specific problems that arise during planning and implementation. We can hold special sessions for conflict resolution, onboarding and motivation. The structure can be tailored to your needs, with breakouts and discussion subgroups.

Workshops are priced based on topic, number of attendees, time required and structure


Ongoing support for weeks or months to set goals, evaluate milestones, course-correct for change and stay on track to meet your deadline.

This is the most commonly used service. I work directly with the project leader and can also meet with subordinates, team leaders and team members. We agree on a scope of work that might include…

  • setting specific goals
  • assigning roles to team members
  • assigning, assessing and
  • adjusting milestones
  • dealing with conflict among the participants
  • deciding whether to add or remove group members
  • creating and modifying the agenda
  • clarifying the expected outcome of the project
  • dealing with obstacles and opportunities
  • smoothing communications with experts and specialists

I encourage leaders to sign up for at least one one-to-one consultation or a workshop before embarking on an implementation project. We often discover factors that alter the scope of the project and change the requirements.